Comforts for Children

Recipient Agencies in 2016

and the Services They Provide

  1. 1st Way of Eugene provides pregnancy tests to women and counseling for those choosing to keep their babies. The agency is totally funded and staffed by volunteers serving to screen and counsel the women.

  2. Babies First is a Lane County Public Health program that provides visits from public health nurses who counsel on the best care of babies. Small quilts with darker backs have been requested.

  3. Dove Medical provides pregnancy tests and counseling.

  4. First Place Family Center serves homeless families with children by temporarily sheltering them overnight at local participating churches, meeting basic needs such as meals, showers, laundry, telephone access and an address in helping to qualify for finding work. Comforts for Children provides large, warm quilts to children in the overnight sheltering program. Especially in the winter months, we give 15 plus every two weeks if our supply will do it.

  5. McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center: Quilts are delivered to both pediatrics and the emergency room as supply warrants.

  6. Parenting Now - Healthy Families is a free, voluntary, home visiting program for new parents, accredited with Healthy Families America.

  7. PeaceHealth RiverBend: Children returning from the scary experience of surgery are not neglected or abused , but knowing that they will receive one of our small quilts waiting for them in recovery is a great moral booster. These are not for neo-natal, terminal babies, or other patients. We choose simple to plain style quilts for the hospital saving the more colorful and larger sizes for the other agencies.

  8. Relief Nursery provides counseling for families with small children.

  9. SAFE/Jasper Mountain: These children receive special care , counseling and education during a 90 day period during which they are evaluated for placement in the facility most appropriate to meet their needs. Each child receives one of our most fun small Comfort quilts, and we are working to supply all the bunks with a quilt.

  10. Sponsors Inc: a small gift quilt is given to children of mothers leaving prison.

  11. The Child Center serves severely emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children, ages 3 to 12, in both an on site school and day care program for from 50 to 60 children, and a program serving children living at home. Both programs and therapists are certified by the State Mental Health Division. All children in the school and the 500 to 600 being counseled at home, receive colorful gift quilts. Please do not give these children any quilts that show fighting or an act of violence or guns.

  12. Willamette Family serves children of women with pre-school children who are housed at the facility for a period of time while going through detoxification and other treatments for alcoholism and /or chemical dependency. The quilts are awarded at the successful completion of the program.

  13. Womenspace serves children birth through 17 of adult victims of domestic violence seeking escape and assistance in restructuring their lives. Small gift quilts are given to the adult victim's children as they enter the safe shelter housing facility.

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