Comforts for Children


Donations of material for CFC can be left at the reception desk at Campbell Center, 155 High St., Eugene, on any weekday between 9am and 4pm. If you leave your name, we will be happy to acknowledge your gift.

We can use pre-washed, high-thread-count woven cotton as well as cotton/polyester woven blends, flannels, or other soft woven fabrics. Preferred batting for gift quilts is polyester 4 ounce, available least expensively in bulk form. For the bunk size quilts, flannel or another thin batting is preferred. Children love bright, happy colors.

On occasion we sell or raffle a quilt, with the permission of the quilt maker, for needed funds. Cash donations are also welcome. A tax ID # is available for non-cash donations.

This page was last updated 2017-02-19.