Comforts for Children

Special Quilts

CFC participants occassionally make other than the small comfort quilts. Below are a couple of these special quilts.

Rainbow    49½"w X 26"h    2014

Jean Liittschwager designed and constructed this quilt for the SAFE/Jasper Mountain Home for children. We see rainbows when sunlight is refracted by rain, breaking the light into its spectrum of colors. This quilt can be used as an educational tool to familiarize children with the relationship of the primary and secondary colors, as well as lend an area of color to the new indoor recreation room. The building in the center of the quilt, nestled among the trees, is from a drawing of the additions and newly remodeled areas of that facility.

The bunk-size quilt below was among 89 comfort quilts donated through Paramount Sewing & Vacuum in 2013.

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