Comforts for Children

Comfort Quilt Construction

SIZE: The preferred size for the small comfort quilts is 35" x 44" but may vary up to 45" by 45". The preferred size for the bunk size quilts in the overnight facilities is 56" x 84" with a variation of no more than 5" in either length or width.

MATERIALS: Pre-washed, high-thread-count woven cotton as well as cotton/polyester woven blends, flannels, or other soft woven fabrics. Preferred batting for gift quilts is polyester 4 ounce, available least expensively in bulk form. For the bunk size quilts, flannel or another thin batting is preferred. Children love bright, happy colors.

GIFT QUILT CONSTRUCTION: Use any simple patchwork pattern, whole cloth, appliqued, machine quilted, or frequently tied (at least every 4"). Machine construction is needed for strength. Themes should appeal to children from birth to 17.

BUNK QUILT CONSTRUCTION: Use large blocks, the fewer seams the better, and thin batting (flannel will do) in these heavily used, frequently washed quilts, given to the facilities that house the children overnight. It's important to machine quilt frequently, especially over seams, to help prolong the longevity of these quilts. Preferred dimensions are 84" by 56" to fit the bunks.

FREQUENT PROBLEMS: Not enough ties, or ties left too short (less than 1/2"), or too long (more than 1"). Check for weak seams, pins, and unclipped threads. If using a CFC kit, follow instructions on the kit for the best knot to use, seam width (usually 1/4"), and other important information. Help our staff avoid repair work!

This page was last updated 2015-02-04.